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Effects of Cord Blood Banking in Humanity

Let me start this article with a brief introduction of cord blood. Cord blood is the blood that is left in the placenta and umbilical cord after a child is delivered. After several medical types of research and studies, it was found out that this kind of stem cells found in cord blood are very significant to cure of not only one disease but many kinds of diseases. Now, people are encouraged to save cord blood for future use, and cord blood banking was introduced.

Cord blood banking. Cord blood banking is storing cord blood for use in the future. There are two kinds of cord blood banking:

1. Public banking– This is having your cord blood taken out and preserve for use by other patients in the future. This means that you allow the cord blood bank to keep your cord blood and permit them to use it to other patients, other from your family and

2. Private banking. This is the kind of private banking that you will pay a certain amount for a cord blood bank to keep your cord blood, but this time, for you and your future use only.

The process: After you agree in cord blood banking, a cord blood extraction is conducted. It will be done right after a child’s birth. The procedure is safe and not painful at all and in no way will make the mother and the baby uncomfortable. A needle is inserted into the umbilical cord until the desired amount of blood is extracted. They are then shipped to cord blood banks for testing, processing, and if it passes the tests, it is kept for a long period.

Benefits: The next question to ponder is, does this benefit the greater population? Or who will benefit cord blood banking? Cord blood banking will benefit the entire population because steam cells are made available to everyone in need. There are sick people, who don’t know of a cord blood donor and so they will have a chance to find a compatible steam cells for them.

Choosing the right bank: Around the world, there are numbers of family and public, cord blood banks near you. But, choosing the right bank for you to store your child’s cord blood is a great task. Since it is a medical process, it is essential to make sure that the cord blood you have stored for a long time is still usable when the time comes. Think of the time and money you have spent for the storage.

Tips: The following are important tips to consider in choosing a cord blood bank to engage.

1. Do not focus on the price offered. Many facilities are offering cheaper services, but their storage methods are sub-standard. They are maybe offering easy installment scheme, but they can’t maintain their storing facilities, to be able to adhere the standard procedures required by law.

2. FDA regulations. Make sure that the establishments passed the FDA regulations and most of all
3. Accreditation. The said cord blood bank is duly accredited by the local accreditation agencies in your area.
4. Referrals. Consult your doctors for referrals, he/she may know of a better cord Blood bank from past patients
5. Family. Ask other family members, friends who are in the medical industry for any referrals.

Cord blood banking involves a very long process from extraction, testing, shipment, and storage. In all those processes mentioned, a certain standard must be followed strictly, so that by the time you will need your cord blood bank, it is still intact and ready for use. It should pass another set of testing, by the doctors who will conduct the procedure. Remember, the doctors who extracted and tested the cord blood during the storage, are not the same doctors who will who will use it, many years later.